Greengage Services

Introducing brands to the PL and CEE marketsIntroducing brands to the PL and CEE markets

Comprehensive Representation and Development of Foreign Brands

We specialize in offering comprehensive services for representing and developing foreign brands in the Polish and others European (EU) markets. Our activities include market analysis, adaptation of marketing strategies, and building lasting relationships with key business partners.

Official Local Office for Foreign Brands

We operate as the official local office for foreign brands in Poland, providing full administrative, legal, and operational support. Our team of specialists ensures that the brand is represented in line with its values and goals, while adapting actions to suit the specifics of the local market.

Representing Brands at Trade Shows and Industry Events

We organize and manage the presence of brands at major trade shows and industry events in Poland and the EU region.

Outsourcing of Marketing and Logistics Services

We offer a full range of outsourcing services in marketing and logistics. Our marketing activities include campaign planning and effectiveness analysis. In logistics, we provide supply chain management, warehousing, distribution, and process optimization.

Adaptation of Products and Brands to Local Market Requirements

We assist foreign brands in adapting their products and marketing strategies to meet local market requirements. Our services include market research, pricing adjustment for different sales channels, and adaptation of product packaging and labels.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

We create and implement comprehensive strategies for introducing brands to new markets, including market research, competition analysis, market segmentation, and promotional planning. Our approach is data-driven and based on market best practices, ensuring the effectiveness of our actions.

Development of Strategies and KPIs with Monitoring

We develop detailed brand development strategies, define key performance indicators (KPIs), and monitor their implementation. We regularly report progress and make necessary adjustments to achieve intended goals.

Building Positive Brand Associations

We focus on creating positive associations with your brand by carefully building its image and reputation. Our efforts aim to establish the brand as a reliable and trustworthy business partner, enhancing customer trust and loyalty.

Increasing Brand Awareness among B2B and B2C Customers

We offer comprehensive marketing strategies and activities to increase the visibility of your brand among both business-to-business (B2B) and end-consumer (B2C) customers.

Customer ServiceCustomer Service

Managing RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Process
We offer comprehensive RMA services, ensuring efficient and effective handling of product returns. Our team manages every aspect of the process, from receiving return requests to their completion, prioritizing customer satisfaction at every stage.

Allegro Marketplace Management
We provide professional management of sales operations on the Allegro platform. Our services include creating and optimizing listings, order management, customer service, and sales performance monitoring, maximizing profits while maintaining high-quality service.

Outsourcing of Marketing and Logistics Services
We offer outsourcing of comprehensive marketing services, including market analysis. Additionally, we provide outsourcing of logistics services, encompassing supply chain management.

Personalized Customer Service
Our approach to customer service is based on personalization and tailoring services to individual needs. We ensure dedicated support, quick responses to inquiries, and professional advice, contributing to building lasting relationships and increasing customer loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis and Monitoring
We regularly conduct analyses and monitor our customers’ satisfaction levels, allowing us to dynamically adjust our actions to meet their expectations. We utilize various analytical tools to identify areas for improvement and implement necessary enhancements.

Customer Communication Management
We effectively manage customer communication across various channels. Our team is available to provide timely and reliable responses to all inquiries and reports throughout our collaboration.

Creating a Unique Brand Image
We assist in creating a unique brand image that sets it apart from competitors and captures customer attention. Our efforts focus on building a consistent and appealing brand image that is consistently presented in all customer interactions and across all communication channels.

 Building distribution channels Building distribution channels

Seeking Customers and Product Introduction
We actively seek potential customers, identifying key opportunities in the market. Effectively introducing products to selected clients within agreed timelines, leveraging our extensive network and specialized market knowledge.

Sales Development in Defined Regions
We focus on strategic sales development in specific regions, considering local needs and market specifics of our clients’ brands. Our efforts encompass market analysis, sales strategy creation, and monitoring with optimization of outcomes.

Access to the Polish and Export Markets and Clients Across Multiple Sectors
We provide our clients access to a wide spectrum of markets, both local and international. Our understanding of various sectors enables efficient product introductions and sales growth across diverse industries, from IT to FMCG.

Utilization of Valuable Network Relationships and Know-How
We utilize our rich network of relationships and expert knowledge to support your brand’s development. Our contacts and experience across different sectors provide invaluable support in building effective distribution channels.

Creation of Offers in Local Language
We prepare commercial offers tailored to local markets, ensuring precise translation and adaptation to cultural and business norms. This approach makes our offers more compelling and effectively reaches potential customers.

Management of Sales Operations
We manage the entire sales process, from initial customer contact to transaction finalization. Our services include negotiation, order management, invoicing, and logistics, ensuring smoothness and efficiency in sales activities.

Regular Meetings with Clients on Behalf of the Brand
We represent your brand during regular client meetings, building lasting and fruitful business relationships. Our activities involve organizing and conducting meetings, presenting products, and discussing development strategies and collaboration.

Monitoring and Analysis of Action Effects
We regularly monitor and analyze the effects of our actions to ensure the effectiveness of our brand awareness strategies. Utilizing diverse analytical tools allows us to track changes in brand recognition levels and respond promptly to evolving market needs.


Our company offers comprehensive 3PL (Third Party Logistics) services, ensuring effective warehouse and logistics support for your business. We operate state-of-the-art warehouses that allow secure storage of goods under optimal conditions, ensuring easy access and inventory control.

Logistic service, fulfillmentLogistic service, fulfillment

We provide comprehensive logistics services, including order receiving, picking, and shipping. Our team of professionals ensures fast and efficient fulfillment processes, guaranteeing timely delivery of goods to customers.

Unloading and packingUnloading and packing

We carry out unloading of deliveries and packaging of goods according to the highest quality standards. Our packing services also include proper securing of goods to prevent damage during transportation.

Packaging preparation and goods packingPackaging preparation and goods packing

We assist in preparing suitable packaging for your products and packing them according to requirements. With our services, your products will be properly secured and ready for shipment to customers.

Customs clearance servicesCustoms clearance services

We provide professional customs clearance services, ensuring smooth and hassle-free import and export of goods. Our experienced team handles all customs formalities, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


Additionally, our company also offers consulting services in optimizing logistic processes and inventory management support, enabling efficient supply chain management and maximizing operational efficiency in trade activities.

Consulting in sales supportConsulting in sales support

We provide high-quality consulting in sales support tailored to client needs. Our experienced team of experts assists in developing effective sales strategies, identifying key areas for growth, and implementing appropriate tools and processes.

Market entry strategy planningMarket entry strategy planning

We assist clients in planning market entry strategies, taking into account industry specifics and local market conditions. Our approach is based on thorough market analysis and identifying opportunities and threats, enabling effective product positioning and achieving success in the market.

Assistance in creating and managing projectsAssistance in creating and managing projects

We provide support in creating and managing projects, offering professional guidance and practical tools. Our team of experts assists in developing clear project objectives, planning actions, and monitoring progress, contributing to the effective project implementation.

Supervision, management, and leadership of a local office or teamSupervision, management, and leadership of a local office or team

We offer services in supervision, management, and leadership of local offices or teams, ensuring efficient workflow organization and achievement of business objectives. Our activities include overseeing the local team’s operations, coordinating actions, and motivating employees to deliver optimal results.

Crisis managementCrisis management

We provide support in crisis situations, offering a prompt and effective response to unforeseen events. Our team of experts assists in identifying issues, developing crisis management strategies, and implementing corrective actions to minimize negative impacts on the business.

Market research and analysisMarket research and analysis

We provide market review and research services, enabling clients to gain a better understanding of the business environment and identify new opportunities and trends. Our activities are based on in-depth analysis of market data and the use of research tools, allowing for informed business decision-making.

Recruitment and Qualification Interviews for ClientsRecruitment and Qualification Interviews for Clients

We offer support in conducting qualification interviews and recruiting employees for our clients, delivering high-quality candidates aligned with business requirements. Our team of specialists handles selection, assessment, and recruitment of employees, ensuring to find the best talents for our clients.

Support for establishing a company branch in PolandSupport for establishing a company branch in Poland

We assist clients in establishing company branches in Poland, providing comprehensive support at every stage of the process. Our services include legal advice, administrative formalities, and coordination of activities related to opening a new facility, enabling a quick and seamless business expansion into new markets.


Our company offers specialized training for local distributors, retailers, and stores working with foreign companies that wish to sell or already offer their products in Poland. The training programs can include sales techniques in Poland, effective market entry strategies, and customer relationship management within the Polish context. Additionally, we provide practical workshops on our clients’ products, which help enhance sales efficiency and increase brand awareness. Our training enables local partners to effectively introduce and promote foreign products, contributing to their success in the Polish market.