About us

Who We Are?

At Greengage, we believe that people and relationships drive business. That is why we founded our company to deliver top-quality sales management and brand building services, supporting our clients in the era of global digitalization.

Greengage is a team of experts with extensive experience in the IT, ICT, retail, FMCG, and banking-finance sectors. We leverage our vast knowledge and relationships in these sectors to support our clients’ business growth.

From our headquarters in Warsaw, we provide comprehensive sales support, offering a dedicated and qualified team of specialists who are at your disposal.

What We Do?

We operate in key business areas such as:

  • Introducing new products to the market
  • Building and optimizing sales channels
  • Creating and developing sales teams
  • Developing and strengthening brands
  • Optimizing existing solutions
  • Providing comprehensive business support and services

Our solutions are essential for the functioning of modern business.

What Sets Us Apart:

Personalized Client Approach

Your needs are our priority. We listen and deliver exactly what you require.

Belief in the Power of Relationships

Our philosophy is based on a Win-Win principle. Your success is our success.

Openness and Communication

Rather than relying on formal contractual terms, we emphasize dialogue. Problems are there to be solved – and we do just that.

Knowledge of Our Employees

Small teams ensure high quality. We know our specialists and fully trust their expertise. We do not use anonymous subcontractors – we personally take responsibility for your success.