Greengage Duty Free Distribution

Distribution to Duty-Free ShopsDistribution to Duty-Free Shops

Professionalism and Experience

Our company specializes in the distribution of goods to duty-free shops at airports, ferries, and more, providing travelers from around the world with access to the highest quality products. As an industry leader, we offer a wide range of items, including travel accessories, consumer electronics, toys, and other popular categories. Our distribution services are tailored to the specific needs of the duty-free market, ensuring timely and reliable deliveries.

Logistics and Know-How

With our extensive logistics network and advanced technologies, we efficiently manage the entire supply chain, from warehousing to the final distribution to airport shops. Our logistics solutions include real-time inventory monitoring, enabling continuous stock replenishment and minimizing the risk of product shortages on shelves.

Expertise and Sustainable Development

Our collaboration with leading duty-free store operators allows us to supply goods to the most critical sales points, enhancing the visibility and sales of our clients’ products. We regularly analyze market trends and consumer preferences to offer an assortment that best meets their expectations.

Support and Management

Moreover, our advanced inventory management systems and efficient delivery planning ensure that our clients’ products are always available to travelers, contributing to increased satisfaction and loyalty. As a trusted partner, we handle every aspect of the distribution process, from planning to execution, providing the highest standard of service.

Through our comprehensive distribution services, our clients’ products reach key duty-free zones at airports, contributing to their market success and strengthening the position of both duty-free store operators and brands in the global duty-free market.

Efficient Store Strategy and Floor ManagementEfficient Store Strategy and Floor Management

Our company offers comprehensive services in merchandising, planogram creation, and logistics, specializing in the sale of products to Duty Free zones at airports. With our experience and expertise, we ensure that every product is properly showcased to maximize its attractiveness and sales potential.


Our merchandising services include professional product display management designed to attract customer attention and encourage purchases. We collaborate closely with our partners to understand their goals and needs, crafting personalized merchandising strategies that distinguish products from competitors. Our team of experts oversees every detail, from shelf arrangements to optimizing retail space and displaying merchandise during deliveries.


We create advanced planograms that are essential for effective store space management. Our planograms are developed to maximize sales and enhance customer shopping experiences. Through precise product placement that considers market trends and consumer behavior, our planograms help increase product visibility and optimize availability.


Our logistics services encompass comprehensive supply chain management, from warehousing to distributing products to Duty Free shops. We employ modern technologies and best logistics practices to ensure timely and secure deliveries. Our logistics team closely monitors all processes to ensure products are always available on shelves, minimizing the risk of stockouts and delays.

With our comprehensive services in merchandising, planograms, and logistics, our clients’ products achieve the highest standards of presentation and availability. This translates into increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, and strengthened market positions for our partners in Duty Free zones. By collaborating with us, our clients can trust that their products will be presented and distributed in the most efficient manner, meeting the expectations of even the most discerning consumers.

Support and Sales Development in the Duty Free ChannelSupport and Sales Development in the Duty Free Channel

Our company specializes in supporting and developing sales in the Duty Free channel, providing comprehensive solutions for business partners. Leveraging our experience and market knowledge, we help our clients expand their reach and enhance sales efficiency at airports in Poland and neighboring countries. Our services encompass a wide range of activities, from market analysis to the execution of sales strategies.

  • We support our clients at every stage of the sales process, from identifying potential customers to negotiating and finalizing contracts. With our extensive network of contacts and advanced analytical tools, we deliver precise data and reports that facilitate informed business decisions.
  • Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the Duty Free market, enabling effective promotion and sales of products in these unique conditions.
  • We conduct training sessions for sales staff to ensure the highest level of customer service, resulting in increased satisfaction and loyalty among buyers. Additionally, we regularly monitor sales results and make necessary adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts.
  • Our company places a strong emphasis on developing long-term relationships with trading partners, offering support in both strategic and operational consultancy.
  • We assist in developing and implementing innovative sales strategies that address evolving market needs and consumer preferences. This allows our clients to achieve stable and sustainable growth in the Duty Free channel.
  • Through our sales support and development services, our clients can effectively increase their market presence, acquire new customers, and achieve better financial results.

Our commitment and professionalism make us a reliable partner in the dynamic and demanding Duty Free sales environment.