Exclusive Distribution of the Travel Blue Brand

Travel Blue is a global leader in the travel accessories industry. Founded in 1987 in the United Kingdom, the company aims to address and serve the needs of travelers worldwide. It offers over 200 products sold in more than 110 countries, including in prestigious Airport Duty Free shops.

Wherever possible, the Travel Blue Group seeks alternatives to plastic, using thoughtful packaging designs to minimize environmental impact. They utilize cardboard made from at least 70% recycled materials and environmentally friendly inks.

Their product range includes travel adapters, neck pillows, bags, pouches, RFID wallets, headphones, power banks, cosmetic cases, earplugs, eye masks, cables, chargers, and much more.

Greengage has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of the Travel Blue brand in the Polish market, as well as the Lexingham brand within the group.